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Sava's Safe Haven

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Overview Report

It may not have been the best year, but it was definitely a wonderful year, full of challenges, sacrifices, hard work and accomplishments.

A new perspective for next year ... maybe it will be better! 

Over 200 animals found their forever homes in UK, Germany and Romania.

Over 300 animals helped and rescued.

More network volunteers.

The most important achievements of 2021

Set up our educational program in local schools together SPCA International and local Police.

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Improving playgrounds and a part of the kennels in shelter. Building a new puppy room in memory of Margaret M.

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Replace our old food warehouse with a brand new container bigger and insulated.

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Pandemic impact on our family-run shelter

Like mostly all charities globally, the impact of the pandemic has been unpredictable.

School education programs have been fewer and rarer due to restrictions.

Restrictions also limited travel, making it impossible for volunteers from other countries to visit us. 

Unfortunately the monthly donations to our charity dropped during this period aswell.

But animals needs us more than ever.

During the pandemic, hundreds of dogs were abandoned, but also due to lack of funds, sterilization campaigns were stopped or reduced to a limited number of animals. This situation further increase the number of strays within the community.

Hopes for the new year