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Sava's Safe Haven

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Help us prepare a Christmas Dinner

           for 300 animals!

Please donate £5 towards " Christmas Dinner" and help us prepare a festive meal for shelter animals!

Santa... most of all, I want a home!

"Dear Santa, I would love to tell you how good I've been this year.. I was always nearby at mealtimes, making sure that NO ONE needs help eating their dinner.

I was always good and friendly to each new rescued dogs and trained them how to live in shelter.

Dear Santa, I tell you honestly, I was good, even when my good friends were adopted and I wasn't.

Dear Santa.. when someone will adopt me? "

Make their wish come true and read their letter to Santa!

Puppies' Santa Letter 

Dear Santa, we would love to tell you how good we've been this year.. Is first time we will meet you because we are the youngest members of Sava's gang...

Read more..

Cats' Santa Letter 

Dear Santa, thank you for visiting us, don't forget to fill your bag with lots of purrfect gifts for us! If you don't have enough space, leave some dogs gifts, home! We don't mind.

Read more..

Seniors' Santa Letter 

Dear Santa, we are happy we are still alive this year to see you! Christmas time fill our hearts with lots of joy and fun. But makes our health condition worse due to bad weather.. Santa.. 

Read more..

Join our team into most wonderful time of the year..

For the first time since Christmas campaign's began, our team will publish its letters to Santa! Please join us!


Dear Santa, thank you for coming in every year to our animals! Seeing them so happy is the most my greatest satisfaction! If this year you have space in your bag, I would really love have some winter boots and warm jumpers for me and all the puppies in shelter! Also Santa, If I don't ask too much, can you bring me a new gas stove for puppy room?

Thank you very much!


Hey Santa! I can't wait meet you this year! I hope you will come with many gifts for our animals and shelter!

I can not ask anything for me, but I really hope that you can bring us winter tires for our rescue's van! Our van is paramount for our rescue and is difficult to drive during snow time with poor and old tires.

Thank you, Santa!


Santa.. thank you for coming every year for Sava's Safe Haven! Our animals are so happy for your visit.

Can't wait to welcome you again in shelter. If you have some space for me in your bag, I would love have some winter clothes and shoes because temperatures are very low and working in shelter in this period is hard!


Hey Santa! I'm Alex! Is the 9rd year since you visit us! That's such a long time! I hope you will continue visit us in years further. Please, would you bring me a new professional camera for shelter? And some warm boots for me, please?

 Thank you Santa!

Thank you very much for being part of our yearly campaign!

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COD IBAN : RO45INGB0000999904241038


PayPal Account [email protected]